REVIEW — “Clara” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

How could the return of John Whittaker become even more impactful than it has been so far? The answer is “Clara.” On this review on AIO Audio News of the next post-Blackgaard episode, Ryan and I delve into this masterpiece of a story, and along with a lengthy discussion on modern-day AIO character development, we break down one of Phil Lollar’s best emotional scripts and one of Paul Herlinger’s best performances. And while it still takes 100 minutes to slog through, the third installment in the return of the Revi-niews should be worth the wait.

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  1. “I’m home with the milk!”

    Yes, you should totally make Audio News business cards or a club there or something! How do they not know about the fan base?

  2. You asked at the end of this if anyone’s still listening to this. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t listen to these long reviews. I only listen to the beginning (because your intros are great and always make me laugh) and the last few minutes at the end. I as well don’t listen to other Odyssey podcasts because they’re so long; I don’t have time to hear them. I’ve been having enough difficulty finding time listening to Odyssey episodes lately, let alone long reviews. I’d prefer if you kept your reviews short, like you do with the Odyssey ScoopCast. I listen to everything else you post here, just not the long episode reviews.

    I hope I’ve politely stated my thoughts in response to your question. I don’t mean to sound impolite if I was. You’ve been doing a great job with everything on AIO Audio News, and I’ve been enjoying it all. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you for being honest, I do appreciate it. I had suspected that there were some listeners who weren’t interested in the long-form review. If we were to reduce it to an hour instead of an hour-forty, would you be more apt to listen to it?

      1. Yes, I would. Although I’d prefer it under an hour, I am much more likely to listen to it with the length of an hour instead of an hour-forty. Thanks for asking!

  3. I love the longer podcasts because I specifically come here to hear the lengthy, tangent-filled discussions. Other podcasts that do more concise reviews without discussing much outside specific episodes are ok, but because not all the aio episodes are perfectly self contained it makes sense to bring up all the tie-ins to other episodes, talk about the characters’ previous experiences, and so on. And with the super long podcasts I just listen to them in chunks if I need to and the length never bothers me.

    Also, I definitely still want to hear y’all do the ties that bind!

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