REVIEW — “The Team” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

“There are no bad episodes of Odyssey.” The singular exception to that rule is up for debate as Ryan and I delve into “The Team.” Split between dozens of plot inconsistencies and Ryan’s holding out hope on the word “commit,” we attempt to justify our criticism of one of the most controversial episodes in the history of the show.

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  1. Haha I’m laughing thinking about all the 8-12 year olds saying Rydell revelations was the best….. who also are trying to ship Buck & Jules when another flighty character really needs a love life more than those two

      1. Well I do too I’m not saying that I dislike them, but I’m tired of ppl being more concerned abt a teen romance than Connie who would really benefit from a relationship.
        But alas Kathy disagrees

  2. The name EMS is not bad and 10 yr olds are not stupid. And YOU LISTEN TO DGL!!! WOW!! It is not better than Odyssey though. Remember Novacom. I heard the one about the road being destroyed and John Morrison is acting like an idiot running in front of a tractor in front of a house he did not own. DGL is great but is not better than Odyssey.

    1. I was a 10-year-old. I was stupid. 😂 And actually, “Letting Go,” the DGL episode you’re referencing, was one I really liked, especially in how John Morrison was portrayed. So… yeah 😆

    1. …And? 😂 He was the mayor, he had a long history to protect at the house, he had an obligation to stop destruction on Gilead Lane, he had a right to request the demolition be delayed for sentimental reasons, Bill Mincer didn’t tell him it was going to happen, running to the bulldozer was seen as heroic by his son, his intuition that the demolition was unknown to Bill ended up being correct, it foreshadows the penultimate episode of the series, and it would have been apathetic for him NOT to just because he “did not own the house.” 😉

  3. The zoning laws were changed and personally I do not Gilead Lane would not have been destroyed. Also Odyssey is better than DGL because.

    1. Odyssey is still running and have more episodes hence they have more ‘good’ episodes. (I know you hate that word.

    2. It seems like DGL is the anti-Richter show, like that the rich people are bad. But if you think about it the Morrison’s have about seven children and are able to feed and give Brooke and Justin college.

    3. The show centers around a Lane, Odyssey centers around a town and the surrounding towns.

    DGL is still great though, but I think Odyssey is better.

    Also you can listen to Jungle Jam on Keys for Kids.

    Have you ever heard of Red Rock Mysteries.

  4. I am good with computers, I have my own tech website. Also, there are applications that can GPS spoof your location. And I was able to explain the tech of Odyssey.
    Have you ever heard of Red Rock Mysteries?
    I am in robotics club called FRC but it does not shoot fireworks. But its could be technically feasible with a pre-lit firework that is programed to shoot at a time. (Never done that just thinking)
    I am 16 going on 17? what? And Ryan knows about USB Duckies man this is a great tech source.
    Do you have Mac or Windows or Linux or Chrome OS
    The multiverse of Odyssey podcasts?
    Nicky was actually in Middle School . And having a notebook/classes about ethical hacking is not evidence of a crime.
    Morrie needs to be ‘grounded’ for a year.
    Preach Ryan Morrie is bad rant. Amen!!
    Dating, why are we talking about dating isn’t this a podcast for children? Just wondering. I am not attempting to offend you.
    I finished listening!! It’s so sad.

    [M.L. – I put all these separate comments into one. 😉 ]

    1. Sorry it took me a little bit to respond! Lemme see here…

      1. Sure, there’s some advanced tech that can do it, but not what Morrie did in the short time he had.
      2. Yes I have! I’ve been meaning to start reading and listening soon.
      3. This was a HUGE number of fireworks that this apparently large battle droid had… still way bigger and much more unfeasible then what I’ve seen from FIRST.
      4. “I know that I’m naïve!” 😂 It’s a GREAT song from The Sound of Music.
      5. Windows 11! Cosmetic upgrade!
      6. Oh, it’ll happen.
      7. That’s worse!! And it would be, since it was the exact method he used to hack into the school’s computer, which Morrie and Cooper could attest to. It’s a lot of circumstantial evidence but it’s still there.
      8. More like two years. That’s how long I’ve had a headache over all this. 😆
      9. Yeah, he kinda went off there.
      10. BECAUSE YOU GUYS NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO DO BEFORE YOU GET THERE AND YOU GET PLAYED- also because it’s a topic that transcends age; I don’t think it’s ever too early to talk to you guys about it.
      11. Just keep listening! Ryan’s holding out hope.

    2. I don’t think this is a podcast specifically intended just for children. If I had to guess the target audience I’d say something like 14/15 to 30/35.

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