THOUGHTS — An Apology and Transparency

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  1. Hey Michael, I was wondering when Woodgrove is going to release? If you dont know yet thats fine, but I’m looking forward to it! You said it will be on dramafy correct?

    1. Hey Preston, thanks for asking! “Double Date” is still in post-production, and it’s taken Dominic (my sound designer) quite a lot longer than he originally expected. I’ll have an updated trailer once we get a release date nailed down. And yes, it will be released on Dramafy!

      In other news, the script for episode 2 (currently titled “Stress Test”) is finished, and the voice track edit will be complete next week.

  2. I didn’t even know about the album 72 conundrum, so no harm there. As for “The Team”, strong passion can lead to strong opinions. I don’t believe you’re in the wrong for being vocal about your dislikes for “The Team” but then again I didn’t particularly enjoy that episode myself. In fact, when I heard the latest q&a the AIO team did and they said we wouldn’t here from Morrie and Suzu for the next TWO albums, I literally stopped what I was doing and lifted up my arms and said “THANK YOU”!!

    But I digress. 😅 I think your issues with this episode and the Rydell arc are important to address, but I do agree stating something as the “worst” is a tad too harsh. I guess the best advice is to remain truthful but make sure that you’re passion doesn’t come off as aggressive.

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