The Alternate Rydell Saga

There’s a secret here that… feels unsettling. You’re the revealer of secrets, Lord. If there’s something more to this, something I need to do, please… make it clear to me.

John Whittaker, #833: “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”

The Alternate Rydell Saga (AR) is a different take on the saga of Morrie Rydell from Adventures in Odyssey. After the episode “A Sacrificial Escape,” the Alternate Rydell Saga breaks from the official saga with a different version of “Further from the Truth.” It is a series of five scripts written by Michael LaFaver, the host of AIO Audio News. The first draft of AR #1 was written in 2019, and the following four episodes were written (or will be written) in 2021.


  1. #802: “Parker for President”
  2. #804: “The Key Suspect”
  3. #833: “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”
  4. #853: “The Good in People”
  5. #877: “A Sacrificial Escape”
  6. AR #1: “Further from the Truth”
  7. AR #2: “Drama and Conflict”
  8. AR #3: “Revelations”
  9. AR #4: “The Final Problem, Part 1”
  10. AR #5: “The Final Problem, Part 2” (upcoming release)

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