Initial Reaction to “The Long End, Part 1” (commentary)

Spoiler Warning! Hints at the ending of the episode.

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  1. My thoughts is that Felicia Barton is Buck’s mother. Wait… I just went back and listened to who the director was while writing this and holy moly it’s ************….. I can’t believe it.

  2. Now Lee. Be kind. Honestly, I will admit, the writer and director was actually the part I loved most. I wandered around the house the rest of the afternoon muttering to myself, “(beep) wrote it. (beep) wrote it.”
    But I wanna hear your rating!!! I wanna hear your theories!!! My sister and I just discovered something pretty major this afternoon. Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist is so like these episodes, it’s nuts. I was paging through our book and just like freaking out. I think that the character of Two-Bits is based off the character of Monks and Monks was revealed to be Oliver’s half brother. He was chasing after Oliver to kill him because… he wanted to [Moderator: cut spoiler] Hmm…

    1. Wait, WHAAT?? You mean that Two-Bits is — WHAAAAT?? That would be cool!
      So you said, “Be Kind”? I was trying to be kind to the AIO Team; it’s a cool episode but I was expecting something a little different. Or do you mean be kind to you? Do you really want to know my rating before I hear pt. 3?
      Maybe I’ll put out some theories this weekend…

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