Initial Reaction to “The Long End, Part 2” (commentary)

Spoiler Warning! Major spoilers about parts 1 and 2!!

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  1. I know what you mean. The multi-parters that are ruined for me are the ones where a ton of loose ends are wrapped up in the final part, and I’m left totally dizzy from it all. Even some of the single episodes (Crash Course for one), I got irritated over because everything was all up in the air until like the last 3 minutes and then everything was resolved suddenly. This is why I kinda hope that this won’t end all of Buck’s arc. I hope it won’t resolve all the questions we have, because it’s blown two parts and one episode is not enough time to answer all my questions without making it seem unnatural.

    I am unsure why you think that finding both the birth certificate and the will wasn’t needed. That was never difficult for me, and neither was why Mr. Skint was in town. If, and this is purely speculation, Two-bits is Buck’s relative, he would get Buck’s inheritance if Buck were dead or unable to prove that he was her son. The birth certificate is needed to prove that Buck is her son and therefore gets the inheritance. If Mr. Skint got a hold of the birth certificate and destroyed it, Buck would have no way to prove that he was Dolly Tender’s son because the records from the hospital are gone. So if Buck’s mom left him valuable things or money, obviously, Mr. Skint is using Two-bits as Buck’s relative to get himself some of it. I’m not sure if this makes sense to you or not, but it’s the only reason I could think of that the birth certificate and will were hidden separately and both allowed episode time to be found.

    1. Three words: the stakes aren’t high. (Wait, that was four. Oh, well.) In part 1, I wasn’t interested in the birth certificate because I didn’t realize what it meant (although I would have been more excited if Buck was as interesting to me as Morrie). In part 2, I’m let down about Buck’s parents, so I can’t even believe that the birth certificate was real. Maybe it was forged and “Dolly Tender” (if that’s even her name) also adopted Buck. So when Penny says that it’s the Last Will and Testament of “Dolly Tender Oliver,” I have to wonder if that’s forged too.

      Here’s where stakes come in. Buck’s not interested in things his mother left for him: he suggested shattering the mirror and was quick to approve the removal of the paint. All he’s interested is who his family is, and even if the items in the will are real, the name “Dolly Tender” could still be a forgery. Buck doesn’t have much to gain after part 2.

      However, he does have motivation in Mr. Skint’s offer. While I’m struggling to understand what his emotional motivation is, it is a solid start. The stakes are low, but they are present in that scene.

      1. I think either I’m not understanding you, or you aren’t understanding me. I was slightly troubled by how little Buck cared about the things left for him by his mother, but what I’m trying to work out in my head is why Mr. Skint is (1.) wanting Buck back, because his explanation about wanting Buck’s talent at scamming seemed really weird to me and (2.) why he’s now using Two-Bits if he really thinks using violence is stupid. I’m not making theories about Buck, because he’s actually irritated me here and there in these episodes, which is sad because I like Buck’s character a lot. All my theory was for was to explain Mr. Skint’s return and the reason he’s chasing after Buck and his information. Some of what I got above was from Oliver Twist, but the rest was my reasoning. Maybe Buck isn’t interested in what his mother left for him, but for some reason Mr. Skint is and that is what I was attempting to explain.

  2. I’m not sure how they’re going to wrap the entire thing up in part three. Before listening, I thought perhaps Buck would become a Christian at the end. And maybe the Meltsners would officially adopt him. I still think there is a possibility of one of these things happening, but I’m so frightened it will be rushed. I feel like perhaps the talk about change is the foreshadowing of him becoming a Christian. Maybe they can carry Buck’s arc further than this. I don’t want him to mostly disappear and be a normal teen after this. There’s still so much with him that needs to be done. And this cannot be rushed. I dislike rushed endings.

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