Initial Reaction to “The Long End, Part 3” (commentary) [revised]

Spoiler Warning! Very, very subtle hints to the ending; next-to-no spoilers.
(Spoilers contained in comments section.)

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    Yay! This made me happy that you liked it, considering you weren’t, uh, over-the-moon about parts one & two?! I really loved the third part. I just think it needed more explaining, for one thing. We didn’t really get to know how what happened with Mr. Skint and Buck’s parents. Obviously, Buck’s mom went for Buck’s dad. But was Mr. Skint Buck’s father’s brother? I wish we got more on that. I hope Monty is in album 67. I’m a little confused about this episode, still. But I love it. I had my hopes too high, but if I relisten with a fresh perspective, I love it even more.
    One thing I love about this episode: It didn’t feel rushed, for one thing. It started quickly (not a bad thing) and ended smoothly and not too quickly. I applaud Paul McCusker for this!
    The Witness Protection Program stuff is a bit overused, but I’m okay with it 😛
    Reaaally hope this isn’t the end of an era!

    1. I agree that there were some loose ends, but I think we know that Skint isn’t Buck’s uncle, unless he was Novis Ordo’s brother, which he isn’t because they don’t have the same last name. I guess that whatever seemed true at the end of Part 3 is what is true.
      About the WPP, I don’t think it was overused! The last time it was used was with Mitch in “The Unraveling.” It was a surprise enough for me; personally I thought Mrs. Larson didn’t get enough scenes.
      And the end of an era — that’s a good thing if it’s the end! It means that the storylines are wrapped up and we can move on to new things. Only problem is Morrie is interwoven with Buck, Buck may not be over, Jillian started towards the end, so this probably isn’t the era’s end. See here:
      Thanks for the comments, fangirls!

      1. I don’t think it’s completely an end of an era. Buck still has a long way to go.
        Ahaha, I’m still confused over Buck’s parent’s actual names. I’m going to re-listen to the episodes until I’m not confused.
        I enjoyed the small bit of Mrs. Larson we saw. I do agree she needs more scenes. I would have liked to see Buck talking with Mr. Skint when he said he would have liked to. 😀

  2. I loved all three parts. The third is definitely the best part, even though I loved the first and second parts, this was a special episode. Here’s some of my favorite parts: Mr. Skint when he realized he was duked was priceless. Monty’s line “I need a new job.” struck me funny and at the same time gave hint of maybe Monty’s future. I was kind of sad that it was over, not necessarily for Buck, but for Skint. He was such a great bad guy and while it was bound to happen, it was sad to see him go. I give them all a 10/10. Paul McCusker did great!

    1. Woah, woah, woah! Blackgaard, okay, Dr. Regis Blackgaard, the man that was voiced by the incredible Ear Boen, Blackgaard, who tried to steal Applesauce, a Laptop filled to the brim with government secrets, Blackgaard, who has a whole book series around his story, the Blackgaard Chronicles. Look, I don’t mean to be mean here, okay but Blackgaard is the best villain AIO has ever had. Maybe that’s because he was the first, I don’t know, but he is, in my opinion, better than Mr Skint. And my opinion is usually right, except for 0.00000000000000000000001 times.

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