AIOWiki Podcast #17

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  1. My two cents on this episode… lots of the same thoughts!
    – I was hoping to hear Jerry Houser’s name in the credits, the funeral director sounded just like him!
    – Jillian is totally a second Wooton, It seems like Odyssey has been introducing lots of super eccentric adult characters recently. I’d love to see a more believably sane but still interesting adult character (Tom, Jack, etc.)… I hope she and Jason don’t actually get together, but it would be awesome if she was a villian….
    – On the goof about Connie being left-handed… are you sure that she’s left-handed, or was she just making it up… I’m trying to remember…
    – Exactly! This has no moral!! Almost was a “find loopholes if the rules say otherwise…” That’s not a moral! It’s like an anti-moral…

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