Further from the Truth – Unofficial Trailer 2

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      1. What kind of guardian(s) would let or even want their young man to perpetuate such a suspense filled dramatic tale of devious entrigue!?

        The answer?
        “Good” ones…..

  1. Wait a minute, how do you even know that “Further from the Truth” will be the beginning of the end of the Rydell saga, with questions answered, and those other things, or that it will continue the Key Suspect saga for that matter? Did you hear any of this from the official team, or is it just yours or other fan’s speculations?

    1. Good catch, Garrett.
      1) Technically, everything is the beginning of the end, because it is before the end and therefore can be considered a beginning. However, I’m assuming that the Rydell Saga will wrap up by Album 72. Not an official stance; just a speculation.
      2) The question to be answered is “What happens in ‘Further from the Truth’?” I know that’s cheap, but I’m hoping more questions will be answered.
      3) Don’t know of secrets will be revealed. They are in my script, but probably not in Bob Hoose’s.
      4) “The Key Suspect” has to be wrapped up sometime, so why can’t it be this episode?
      “Too long, didn’t read”: my speculation.

      1. I do not think “The Key Suspect” will be wrapped up in “Further from the Truth”. The sole reason is that “Further from the Truth” is officially called a follow-up episode to “A Sacrificial Escape”.
        How are they going to wrap the saga up, do you think? If they continue doing one episode per album, that’s going to be rather difficult. I wonder if an entire album will be dedicated to the Rydell Saga, similarly to how the Blackgaard Chronicles nearly dominated “Darkness before Dawn” and the Novacom Saga completely filled “Battle Lines”.

      2. A few thoughts: 1. Why did you have “too long, didn’t read” in quotes? Were you quoting something, like another fan site or something, or were you making up a random name for your speculations? I am talking about when you said, ” “too long, didn’t read”: my speculation ” 2. I just want to warn you, son, DO NOT be surprised if Further from the Truth is yet another fake mystery like the other episodes! Don’t be surprised if we still do not find out anything, except that there was another mystery and that it was fake and Morrie was behind it! I don’t know this for sure, and for all I know, I could be wrong and you could be right, but I would like the record to state that Garrett made a more realistic prediction that another fake mystery WILL happen again! I guess we will just have to wait and see which one of us is right!

      3. That’s a realistic expectation but hopefully not what happens. I want at least some answers…answers about the escape room and its owners, Morrie himself, and more about why Matthews wants to leave the J&P Detective Agency.
        Because “Further from the Truth” is a follow-up episode to “A Sacrificial Escape”, there has to be more substance to it, than say, “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse”. We should at least – hopefully – get Whit and/or Emily investigating intrigue surrounding the escape room.

  2. Hey, I have just a small question that I would be grateful for you answering. How do make trailers like this one? Things like programs, links to put the audio on so I can post it, and just tips would be helpful. Thanks!

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