Album 68 Episode Title and Release Dates, Jones and Parker Album, “Lifted Out of Context,” Young Whit in Clubhouse, Morrie Comments Response (Commentary)

See the episode list and pre-order “The Jones and Parker Mysteries”: AIOWiki
Source: Official Podcasts 341 and 343, (via OdysseyFan), December 2019 Clubhouse Magazine

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  1. Interesting theory about Matthew leaving because of being blackmailed! That might not be the case, though anything is possible, however, what would you do or say if I ever were to actually suggest to Adventures in Odyssey that if there was another similar situation with another (matthew) who wanted to leave a (jones and parker agency,) that they should actually have him leave because of being blackmailed for real? What if I were to suggest that they had (Matthew) make up a story about how he is tired of it or does not feel cut out for it any more or something, but there is a bigger mystery involving blackmailing and questions of what (matthew) is up to and who he is working for and maybe which side he is on? To be clear, I know that Mattthew leaving was just a theory mentioned on this podcast and that it has a good chance of not being true, but I was just asking what you would do if, in response to this theory, I were to suggest something like that to AIO for a future situation for real.

    1. I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all, especially since I didn’t suggest the blackmail theory in the first place! Odyssey Nerd did. 😛

  2. I have a few more questions for you. You could either reply or make another podcast, which ever you prefer. 1. I noticed that an earlier summary for album 63 said that “a mystery is solved after Matthew and Emily’s friendship is threatened.” Since there was no such episode in album 63, which episode do you think that that part of the summary was referring to? I noticed that AIO Wiki made a comment that seemed to suggest that that might have had something to do with Writer’s Ruse. Do you agree with that? If not, which episode do you think it is? if it has not come yet, do you think that there will be an episode like that in the future? 2. This is another prediction related comment, but, do NOT be surprised IF Morrie were to turn out to NOT have anything to do with the Key Suspect! In fact, what if Morrie also did not have anything to do with the Good in People, or a Sacrificial escape, for that matter? Yes, I know that Morrie did have to do with Writer’s Ruse, but what if there are some things that Morrie did NOT do? After all, during some of the episodes, when confronted, Morrie did not actually say that he did it, and we do not have any scenes like the one at the end of Writers Ruse where Morrie is talking! We only saw that in Writers Ruse! We also saw that Morrie said that he set up that fake mystery! Yes, I also remember either you or another AIO fan site mentioning something about a Clubhouse Magazine article where Morrie did set up a fake mystery, but still, what if Morrie is not behind all of it? What if there is still something where Morrie might be trying to bring out “the good in people,” but there is something else going on where Morrie is not behind everything, but only some things? Yes, I am predicting that Morrie is NOT behind the Key Suspect, for example! Yes, he did seem to act suspicious, but still, what if? Ok, maybe Morrie might have had some involvement in A Sacrificial Escape, because you commented that the voice did sound like Morrie, but still, what if there is someone else, someone bigger behind it? I guess we will have to see who is right about whether Morrie was behind the Key Suspect and about all of the other things that I said!

    1. 1 I personally think that either that episode was thrown off, or that’s been saved for the future, at least the “mystery being solved as Matthew and Emily’s friendship is threatened” part of it.
      2. That is an interesting theory. I have to admit, that would be something that Odyssey might do. But I don’t think so. The writers said on a Q&A that the next potential villain was a kid. Now, they said potential, giving them enough room to subvert expectations, but that might feel like a major cheat.
      Also, I know I’m not Lee, but I wanted to give my own opinions. Hope this is alright Garrett.

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