News from Clubhouse, the Official Podcast, and Austin Peachey (commentary)

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Source: Official Podcast 346, January 2020 Clubhouse Magazine, Austin Peachey

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  1. One thing about the mastermind behind Morrie being The Chairman… I would love that, but I wonder how likely it would be since these episodes seem to be written by Bob Hoose and Phil Lollar. Phil Lollar wasn’t around for the Novacom saga, and based on an interview (somewhere?), he hasn’t heard those episodes at all. He has used characters from the past that weren’t in his era (Ed Washington in The Toy), but it seems like if this were to tie in strongly with the Novacom saga, it would be Kathy Buchanan and Marshal Younger writing these…

    1. Phil Lollar might have heard them all by now. Whether or not he did, Bob Hoose is the main writer for this saga and he wrote some of Novacom and was on the team back then. Nathan Hoobler is also seemingly a big contributor to the saga and he knows pretty much everything there is to know about Odyssey.
      I personally think it’s far more likely that they’ll try to connect Blackgaard to this saga rather than the Chairman, especially since the books are being released now. I hope they do not go that route though!
      Whatever happens, I am excited about “Further From the Truth”!

  2. “What a surprise.”
    Whhhhaaaatttt!!! Emily says “What a surprise.”? This is unbelievable! XD
    Meanwhile, I need to get in contact with Nathan Hoobler. That would be wise…

  3. Also, Lee, do you think that Morrie will be a new recurring villain? If the first chapter of his story arc will finish in the next few albums (maybe album 71 or 72), then will he fade away only to show up later? Or will he have a arc like Buck, where he turns from his ways and becomes a character? Or might he be a cyber-bully?
    Okay, your theory that the voice is like AREM is a cool one, but I think that Morrie is the voice truly. Though voiced by a different actor, Jordan Windward sounds similar to the voice in the escape room, so I believe that Morrie is using the same voice-disguiser for what he’s doing. Now, if Olivia was in the escape room, Morrie might have used another voice.
    Finally, about your theory about Suzu, I think that her blackmailing Morrie would be interesting, but in the Key Suspect she seems that she’s trying to figure out what’s going on, so I feel like that alone debunks that theory.

    1. *inhales*

      don’t mind me
      i just
      listen faster?
      okay. cool.
      also lee it’s not letting me comment but you’re epic. also i have too many thoughts on this. yeesh.

  4. Hmm I think it’s an interesting theory that Suzu is behind everything. It would make sense. I have noticed that she seems to be in random places for certain episodes. Like “Sacrificial Escape,” I was wondering why she was hanging with Emily. When did that happen? It felt very random to me that she was there. What if she was threading things along? What if she purposely made a noise to alert the voice about Mr. Whittaker’s plan? I read a comment on the aio club that mentioned that at the end of the “Key Suspect,” Suzu could be inquiring about Morrie’s doings to ensure that things don’t “go awry” with her plan. In the whole context of the conversation, I don’t think this is true, but there are bits that seem suspicious.
    Morrie- “People’s secrets are powerful things”
    Suzu- “Perhaps a secret is what kept Dion from protesting that he was accused unjustly.”
    What if she was flaunting that she blackmailed Dion in order to make sure either Morrie or she didn’t get caught? She could be subtly threatening Morrie to ensure he goes along with her plan.
    Suzu- “We don’t want things to go awry again. I want to do what’s right for our friends. For our family.”
    If you listen to the first part of this line from this context, it sounds particularly menacing.
    Back to Morrie, I agree that someone else has to be behind this. For the longest time, I just haven’t been able to get excited for the Morrie Saga because he’s a kid. He isn’t able to plan something as nefarious as Blackgaard or the Novacom saga. So I have also been predicting that someone bigger is behind him. Your theory that it’s the Chairman is interesting. I honestly don’t believe it will happen, but I want it to so badly! For years fans have been requesting that the Chairman finally be caught. (Well maybe just me.) But there is another reason this could come true. In another podcast, you mentioned that Bob Hoose said that Ignoratio Elenchi is connected to Morrie. This also means Red Herring… Could this be connected to the episode “Red Herring” and the radio wave study? If the Chairman were truly the head, it’s possible.

  5. In this podcast, you mentioned that you got information from the AIO team that the whole Matthew and Emily friendship thing would be “mentioned” in “Further from the Truth.” You said that you could not discuss it further until “Further from the Truth” was released, so I am wondering, did they give you more info, like exactly how it is mentioned, or anything else, but you are just not allowed to say anything, or were you giving all of the information they gave you and the rest you don’t know yet? I am not asking you to give away any information that you are not allowed to give away, but I am just asking for clarification on whether or not you know more! You don’t have to do another podcast. You can just reply to this comment, unless you really want to do another podcast!

  6. Yes!! When I heard Nathan Hoobler in that Adventures in Odyssey Official Podcast mention about other fans adjusting the audio of that episode, I was like, “Yes, I know about that, too!!!” 🙂

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