Further from the Truth – Unofficial Trailer 3

It all comes down to this.
Minor spoiler warning for “Further from the Truth.”

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  1. This only confuses me more to what Morrie’s master plan is. Does he have a big final goal in mind? Does he just enjoy creating drama amongst his pawns whilst working towards his endgame?
    Thank you for the trailer! I am more excited than ever.
    January 23 can’t come soon enough.

    1. I’m starting to think Morrie’s a new Richard Maxwell, in that he’s trying to create disunity and distrust in Odyssey, so that they can all be crushed when the big guy comes to the town of Odyssey for his revenge against Whittaker and Whit’s End, which he tried destroying through a bomb in the tunnel below. And now, he will have his revenge…
      Who knows. Maybe Philip Glossman’s involved too.

      1. If he wants to create disunity and distrust amongst the Odyssian community, wouldn’t it be better to focus on disrupting the lives of the adults, not the kids? It would be smarter to go after Whit or the mayor or someone of greater overall importance to the heart of the town than the kids. He has specifically targeted Emily, Matthew, and Olivia so far.

      2. Maybe he wants to start with the kids, or maybe he’s doing the same thing with the adults, but we just don’t see that in the show.
        Wait. What if he’s trying to get to Whit through the kids? If Whit can be distracted with the kid’s squabbles, then maybe the big guy can come and Whit might not notice as much.

      3. Ooh, interesting. But what would a child, even a devious one, have to do with Whit? He has to be working for an adult, even if it’s not the chairman.
        This arc is so fascinating!

      4. If you’re referring to Blackgaard, then no. He will not come back. There are no loose ends. But the chairman, perhaps. Maybe even Richard Maxwell. But Blackgaard is dead.
        I do wonder what ‘revelation’ Phil Lollar is referencing will be towards the end of the first chapter of the Rydell Saga era. Hopefully, this revelation will be that Morrie is working with the chairman.

        1. Hold up. You say WITH the Chairman? On the contrary, Mary (I have no idea how to spell the way Eugene says it [Lee, please get it on the AIO Wiki]), Morrie is most likely working for (if this theory is correct) the Chairman as an informant and/or a distraction to John Avery Whittaker, likewise the Whit’s End Connellsville Shop. I hope this makes sense.

    2. But other than that, yeah, that would make sense. Or maybe that’ll be the third one. I don’t know. Maybe the 100th album’s “Novacom Rules the Earth.” We don’t know, we don’t know.
      “I don’t know.”

  2. Curious, what is your theory? Do you think that the phrase “ignoration elenchi” will be mentioned, or if not, at least referenced in some way, in “further from the truth? After learning that AIO writer comment about Morrie and ignoration elenchi, which do you think more likely, that “ignoration elenchi” was referring to “Further from the Truth” specifically, or Morrie in general?

    1. Me?
      I think it’s Morrie in general. “Then instead of being suspicious of your brother [ignoring the question that was asked], why can’t you think of him as someone who brings out the good in people? [and bringing up a logical argument that doesn’t have bearing on his actions]”

  3. Lee, blowing my mind over here. I totally need to listen to the Rydell Saga all the way through leading up to Thursday.

  4. Um, Lee, I’ve been downloading all your trailers for Further From the Truth, and have been seeing that the second trailer you made is missing from them, as the files say (I’m paraphrasing here) “Trailer 1,” “Trailer 3”, not 2, then “Trailer 4,” and now “Trailer 5.” So I ask, was the second a flop (like Whit’s), or are you saving it for later?
    I just wanted to know. If you don’t wish to reply, then you are okay to not reply to this comment.

    1. Good catch. I haven’t released Trailer 2 or Trailer 3. Trailers 1, 4, and 5 have been released as 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The file numbering in Dropbox is the order in which I create them, and the post numbering on the site is the order in which I release them. If you recall, I reposted Escaping Crime’s trailer but didn’t number it.
      As regards the unreleased trailers, Trailer 2 is a recap trailer that goes on for too long and gives me a headache, so I probably won’t release it. Jo’s heard it, though. Trailer 3 is a remake of Escaping Crime’s trailer, which I probably will release at some point. You can hear it in the comments section of EC’s trailer on AIOMemes.wordpress.com.

      1. You took that comment out of context, it feels like. I am sort of wondering what website that comment is from and why that commenter wrote what he did. 🙂 🙂

  5. Since the Adventures in Odyssey fan Lee Acim has made an unofficial script and trailers of that Morrie Rydell story arc, it makes him sound like a FFTT/”Sacrifaicial Escape” freak, which is sorta annoying to me maybe because it’s such a small story arc–Idon’t know. But you know, it’s fine because I’m not him and everything.

    1. It may be (or just seem so at this point, think back to the beginning of the Blackgaard Chronicles) small, but it’s the best we’ve got right now.

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