Rydell Saga News, Among Other Headlines

Includes an interview with Nathan Hoobler.
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  1. Watching the album 69 announcements on the Official Podcast was extremely thrilling. The chairman theory DEBUNKED? Okay, I’m not surprised. But yikes I still don’t understand how the portable IS transported Emily into the adventure. Can’t wait for the answers!

  2. I’m so frustrated that Clubhouse Magazine mysteries are canon. Not only because the mysteries feel so disconnected from the audio show but the general writing of Emily and Matthew is not in line with the current happenings on the audio show. I can’t begin to describe my frustration when the February issue treated Emily and Matthew as detective agency partners despite the fact that the agency dispanded.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I did not receive Clubhouse Magazine when most of Emily’s nemesis stories were released. If they wanted so desperately to tie the clubhouse mysteries into the actual show, why didn’t they just dramatize them?

  3. Ok, Just going to throw this out here, maybe, for future Official AIO video podcasts, to avoid confusion over titles like “force on,” AIO could consider showing the episode titles on the screen with text as well as in audio? Also, do we have, or even need for that madder, official confirmation from Nathan, or somebody, that the title was “Force On?” Maybe someone could suggest the text idea to Nathan, that is, if interested?

  4. One more quick thing to add to my comment for consideration, I am blind, so I can’t see, but I post this link, that, um, might, or might, not, contain the first page of the script for “Force On!” I know that it is the first script of Abigail’s episode, but I can’t see enough to know if that image also contains the title! Maybe anyone who is interested could reply to this comment letting me know if there is a title? https://ramblings-of-an-obsessive-bookworm.blog/2020/02/03/milestones-2/

    1. It is a cast photo, featuring Shona Rodman (Jules), Robby Bruce (Buck), Allison Sharpe (Valerie), along with several actors whom I have never seen. Shona is holding a script but the text is too blurry too read but the episode title appears to be three words long. Currently, AIOWIKI lists Abigail Geiger’s episode as “For a Song” and I believe Reddo verified the title through Focus.

  5. Ok… so Novacom is definitely not part of what’s going on. There goes all my theories. But with the revelation that Jones and Parker mysteries are now canon, this ties Emily’s Nemesis into the the picture! I didn’t get the chance to read those when they came out, but from what I know, Emily’s Nemesis has a smiley face as a calling card. Dion received a note in “Key Suspect” with a smiley face. So far that doesn’t connect to Morrie, except for the fact that the Nemesis appeared as a mysterious voice too.

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