REVIEW — “Love is in the Air, Part 2”

Today, we’re back with Ryan for the review of “Love is in the Air, Part 2,” also known as “The Theology of Apologies.” Spoilers for Finding Nemo and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, by the way.

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  1. Can’t wait to listen.
    also, today’s the day Mr. Al died. Who was Mr. Al? All I can say is 3-18-99

  2. On Saturday, Dave Arnold and Bob Smithouser answered fans’ questions in the comments of the current character bracket challenge on the AIOC. On Sunday, they did an hour of the same. Here are some interesting news items. Anything in quotation marks is their exact wording.

    * Dave Arnold said there will be “somwhere between eight and nine” Blackgaard Chronicles books.

    *Dave Arnold also said, to quote, “We are exploring a live action tv series or movie right now. We just want to make sure we can do it well enough first.”

    *According to Bob Smithouser, the Meltsner’s dog, Sparky, will appear in a club episode this summer.

    *When asked if Regis Blackgaard is still alive, Bob Smithouser said, “Let’s make this clear once and for all. No playing. No teasing. Dr. Regis Blackgaard is dead. He is not coming back to the show. Ever.” (No more Blackgaard/Morrie fan theories!)

    *Dave Arnold said that Detective Polehaus will return in a fall club episode.

    *When asked why the writers chose to split the Jones and Parker detective agency up, DA responded, “Honestly, we’re moving to some new characters to keep things fresh.” (I think that the Parkers definitely leaving the show.)

    *Someone asked if there can be an episode about swimming, to which DA responded, “Funny you ask. We just recorded one!”

    *A commenter asked if Morrie’s mother or any of his family will appear in “The Rydell Revelations”, and DA responded with a simple, “Yes.”

    * “Yes, we are talking about doing audio books for Young Whit and Blackgaard. We’ll let you know when they are done.” -DA

    1. Ooh! I just visited your website now and I will definitely check it frequently! It looks good!

  3. Ha thanks for compiling those answers. It was difficult to see them all. Unfortunately they did not answer my question about Morrie and Suzu. Oh well. They did however reveal that the Blackgaard books are connected to the young whit books…. now I can start seriously developing my theory

    1. I would like to! They all take time to edit, and I get burned out pretty easily, but I bet I’ll have some time to do so in the coming weeks.

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