REVIEW — “Do, for a Change”

Ryan returns to Audio News for the third review in the post-Blackgaard series, “Do, for a Change.” It’s a strange one for Eugene.

Okay, well, who wants cheesecake?

8 thoughts on “REVIEW — “Do, for a Change”

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  1. I’m excited to hear your review of “What Are You Gonna Do with Your Life?”!

    Fan mail to both of you: AIO Audio News Reviews / Reviews with Ryan / AIO Audio News in general is my favourite AIO podcast! I like it better than the WODFAMCHOCPOD and the AIO Wiki Podcast.

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  2. HAHAHAH!!!! while listening to the first part and then the loud music came on it scared me and my sister!!


    1. Hi Carl! I might be able to, but I’m not sure if now’s the best time to ask Nathan if I can give you his contact info. Last I talked with him, he seemed pretty busy. Maybe you can check back with me in a little while?


  3. Another great review! Although I was surprised at no mention of stale bread sticks. I guess cheesecake is a GOOD distraction.


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