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  1. I would like to say that I love the theory that Morrie is innocent or perhaps coerced into some of the things he’s done. However, the album cover depicts Morrie’s friendly mask being taken off and revealing a malicious grin. There’s no changing that.
    I still don’t think he’s working alone, especially now that the writers are hinting “there’s someone important in Morrie’s world that we haven’t met yet”.

  2. so, i need to catch up on your stuff, this is a ton of content coming out and if this commentary is any indication, it’s all good. also these theories are a m a z i n g .

  3. Thanks so much for this thoughtful response to my comment! I seriously feel so honored.

    SO. Another theory for you. What if Morrie has been playing both sides of the field here? What if he’s been going along with the bad guys, while testing the mettle of the good guys. The final clash (“Rydell Revelations”) is where he’ll choose which side he’s really on. This would make him one of the most interesting characters AIO has ever introduced, in my opinion.

    I am willing to concede that I am probably wrong. But it’s fun to speculate.

    1. I wonder if you might be onto something with Morrie being undecided! I remember that in a previous podcast, Lee had mentioned that Atticus appeared in a few Clubhouse articles as well as his twitter account. In those appearances, Atticus mentioned something about being in an AIO recording that took place some time during January of 2018 or 2019. In this recording, he mentioned that Morrie had a mysterious history that Suzu was familiar with. Atticus also said that Morrie was on the edge and that he could either go over to the dark side, or stay in the light. (Lee, do you remember what I am referring to with that earlier podcast and AIO recording? Do you know, or think that you could find out, which episode that recording was for, since that did not seem to be “A Sacrificial Escape,” “Further from the Truth,” or even “Rydell Revelations?” Do you think that this was:
      1. an early recording for a future, post “Rydell Revelations,” episode.
      2.. a recording for a past episode, but those things got cut out of the final episode?
      3. an early recording for “rydell revelations,” but the team decided, since then, to go in a different direction, a direction that would lead to what would become what we know today as “Rydell Revelations?”
      4. A bonus episode that they plan to release on the official podcast or Club and not in any album?
      5. Something else that I have not thought of?

      Another thing that might help you remember what I am talking about is that you had said that this Morrie episode recording couldn’t be for album 66 because of the producers saying that Morrie would Not be in 66. As we all know, Skint was in 66 in stead! Also, if you do choose to read my comment on a future podcast, you do not have to read all, or any, of my comment, since it is a long comment! You could consider emailing Nathan or somebody about it and just answer my question on the podcast!)

  4. Ohh I love the theory about Morrie being undecided. I think it fits better than him being either the good or bad guy. As to him being the bad guy, this feels very unbelievable to me. Yes he’s a genius, but he’s also a kid. There’s no way that he could do something truly diabolical like Dr. Blackgaard UNLESS someone else is behind it all and he’s a minion (Think Richard Maxwell). As to him being the good guy, this explains him trying to expose the truth. If he was truly bad, why would he be trying to bring out the good in people? Why try to expose the truth? But even if he had good motivations, the escape room incident really has no explanation. And the album art solidifies this. Morrie is hiding behind an innocent mask. There is something more going on. So Morrie is being pulled between both sides and he equally tests each side. Why would he feel a pull against the people he might call friends? Only if he was offered an incredible benefit (I don’t believe Morrie is the kind of character who could be bribed though) OR the person behind everything is someone close to him… maybe Suzu? As I’ve mentioned before, when looking through the lens that Suzu is the bad guy, some of her comments to Morrie sound truly ominous.
    “We don’t want things to go awry again”
    If Suzu is the bad guy, this whole kidnapping thing could be an elaborate set up. It would be easy for Suzu to simply disappear and appear kidnapped. Or she could have kidnapped Emily to make it appear both girls were missing and hire Morrie to accuse Emily to get her off Suzu’s trail. As for the phone video, I have a theory about the passcode. Morrie has watched Emily solve several cases. If she records her mysteries on her phone, Morrie could have easily watched her input her passcode and memorized the number. Think Jason in “The Top Floor Part 3”. My question is how Emily could have gotten a video on her phone of her kidnapping Suzu. She wouldn’t have been able to take Suzu with one hand while simultaneously holding the phone. A sound recording would prove nothing, and if the phone was on the floor during the altercation, not much could be seen. So what could have happened is Suzu hired Morrie to record on Emily’s phone, while Suzu set up Emily to appear that she masterminded a kidnapping.
    I think the theory that Morrie is working in ways for both sides just makes the most sense. It explains the album art, he is like something with two faces. At times working for good, and sometimes for bad. He is an enigma. So anyway, after finally catching up on all the content and reading people’s comments, these are my thoughts. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure about Richard Maxwell being behind it. He did have a change of heart, and I don’t think he’d do something nefarious again. I think that anyone tied to the Blackgaard saga, like Phillip Glossman for instance, won’t be reappearing.

      1. Oh sorry that wasn’t clear. I’m not theorizing that Richard Maxwell is involved. I’m merely comparing his role in the Blackgaard Chronicles to that of Morrie in the Rydell Saga.

  5. I am really interested to see how the Rydell Saga plays out. I think the character of Morrie is really interesting and I love the AIO is doing another saga. Although, Morrie and his relationship with Suzu is something to consider. Suzu seems to be suspicious of her brother and we don’t really know why Morrie is doing what he is doing. Was he trying to get Emily and Matthew to split up? Why is he always trying to get Emily to solve cases with Suzu or just cases in general? I am really curious to see how this all goes. AIO can really leave with lots of questions! LOL excited to see what AIO does next! Great post, Lee!
    -kaelyn 😀

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