“Hope in Trying Times” Album, Responding to Myself (Commentary)

By the way, that should be “Over 10 hours of audio entertainment,” not 5.
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  1. I added the page and list of episodes for “Hope in Trying Times” is on AIOWiki. 😉
    The Rydell Saga is so intriguing! I cannot wait to see what happens from here. This post makes me even more excited and I didn’t think that was possible!

  2. I think it is really cool that AIO released the album, Hope in Trying Times. I am however now more curious as to see if Suzu is really the bad guy, or well girl, or if she is or does partner with Morrie. Morrie’s character is so interesting like how he is trying to be the bad guy but is trying to almost ease his conscious that he is not a terrible person to everyone, if that even makes sense. lol I am curious to see how the Rydell Saga plays out. Until then, we are all just trying to figure out what may happen. lol
    *an avid AIO fan
    -kaelyn 😛

  3. “We’re always stuck on Morrie now, aren’t we?”

    Why, yes. Yes we are. And I’m not mad about it.

    Particularly early on, I felt like there was a lot of hate on the Morrie saga within the AIO fandom (myself included). But I gotta say that I personally have never been more intrigued by anything AIO has ever put out before. This saga delivers an unprecedented level of suspense that I HOPE will all be worth it in “Rydell Revelations.”

    I must confess that I totally misspoke when I mentioned a video on Emily’s phone, rather than a sound recording. Video really does not make sense to the situation, and it was merely a slip of the tongue (or of the type, as it were) on my part. However, as Lee said, a sound recording could still be quite telling in this situation.

    I think the final tell-all in this story will be the revelation of the additional players we have not yet met.

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