“A Wise Surprise” — Initial Reaction and Review

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  1. Yeessss! After I got over the fact that Wooton and Penny weren’t having a baby, I loved this episode. It’s really fun and it’s hilarious. I’m really excited to see Charlotte’s character develop even more and that Penny’s parents will be around!

  2. My problem with this episode is that I feel it makes it very difficult for the show to let Penny and Wooton ever have kids in the future. I would have loved for it to have ended with Penny and Wooton finding out that they actually are pregnant, like Hannah theorized. But, alas!

  3. Have you thought about the possibility that Frank Wise is somewhat a replacement (no matter how much the writers deny this, in new characters, they’re usually trying to bring back some part of a former, loved character) for Bernard? His curmudgeon-ish personality and sense of humor is a lot like Bernard’s.

    1. Maybe! He’s more lighthearted, it seems, and I heard Ben Warren say that he thought Polehaus might be the new Bernard, but maybe Frank’s the jokey side and Polehaus is the Eeyore side of Bernard.
      It’s not Red Hollard, though. No way.

      1. For sure! I never really understood how Red was a replacement for Bernard. The only things they have in common is that they are both older males often played for comedy.

          1. I guess I never thought of Bernard as a handyman, just a window washer and janitor.

  4. I loved this episode and it really did lead us all to believe Wooten and Penny were going to have a baby. I loved the twist and this episode is one of my favs. from the new album, for sure. Can we just talk about Penny’s parents? They are kind of the best! I love how her parents are so different and they just bring so much more life and humor to this episode!
    -kaelyn 😛

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