Revelations – Unofficial Trailer 3

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  1. You have a incredible talent Lee!
    Can you tell me what app do you use to put it all together?

  2. You have a incredible talent Lee!
    Can you tell me what app you used to put it all together?

  3. I know that what I am about to say might be… unpopular, but the truth must be spoken! In the words of Adventures in Odyssey, “”I have said it before, and I will say it again:” Morrie will NOT get arrested! Like I said before, I remember all of those Official Podcast comments about how “it might not be what you’re thinking it will be” and about how they had another Morrie episode in the works. How can there be another episode in the works if Morrie gets arrested like Buck? To me, you would think that they would at least wait a few albums before the next Morrie episode, if Morrie gets arrested. The fact that they are
    currently saying that they have another episode in the works in stead of waiting before saying that is one thing that makes me think that Morrie can not be arrested. I think that either: a. Morrie is innocent, or mostly innocent. b. there is a lot more to things like his fake mysteries and why he does all of those things than we think, and as a result, he does not get arrested! Along those lines, I have an interesting theory about “A Sacrificial Escape.” I know that when Morrie trapped them in the escape room, we were lead to think that they were actually running out of air, but that was fake. What if the “kidnapping” was fake as well? To explain what I mean, I know that Morrie blocked off the tunnel and locked the bacement door and the doors to the escape room, but what if there was another secret way out that only Morrie knew about, but that Matthew, Emily, Suzu, and Whit did not know existed yet? For example, what if there was another secret tunnel or door that even Whit did not know about yet? Remember that Morrie said that he had “bested” Whit. Why can’t that “besting” include finding new secret tunnels, doors, etc… that not even Whit knew existed? What if there was also a secret hatch or button or something in the escape room as well, but it was never mentioned in the episode, because they had not found it and did not know that it existed? Another interesting theory is, what if the whole adventure was an imagination station adventure? What if “Further from the Truth” was not the only cobble box adventure, but it was secretly used in “a sacrificial escape” as well? Yes, I am proposing the “A Sacrificial Escape cobble box theory” and the “A Sacrificial Escape fake kidnapping theory!” Also, a quick added thought, what if Emily’s kidnapping Suzu in “Rydell Revelations” was somehow connected to the reason why Morrie did the kidnapping in “A Sacrificial Escape?” What if they were both connected to “the truth” as mentioned by Morrie in “Rydell Revelations?” What if, because of “the truth,” both kidnappings were done for good, or at least not bad, reasons, and as a result, no arrests need to be made? Leigh, what do you say about this? Do you think that all of this is at least possible, and as a result, Morrie can not be arrested? Yes, I have listened to your previous podcasts and it sounds like you think that “there is no way he can not go to jail.” I would like the record to state that garrett made another, unpopular, prediction, that Morrie will not get arrested! Even if you do not currently agree, what would you think and how would you react, if, theoretically, Morrie were to actually not get arrested? How would you react if any of my “A Sacrificial Escape” or “the truth” theories were to turn out to be right? If you still think that Morrie will be arrested, You might consider that I was right about “Further from the Truth!” If you do talk about this on the podcast, you could consider just replying to my comments. You do not have to read it all on the podcast!

    1. About Emily’s kidnapping Suzu, I think that that was fake, to get Whit on Morrie’s side. We know that Morrie is good at programming, and so he could’ve programmed Emily’s voice into his phone. And he could have the same type of phone as Emily, and he could’ve gotten Emily’s case. I’m not saying you are lying, because that is an excellent theory. I kind of agree with you about the imagination station thing, except, wouldn’t Emily have figured it out?

  4. What is Morrie is working with Glossman or Bennet Charles? I think that’s who he writes to

    1. That is a good one, but would they want to go to Odyssey after all they went through? I don’t think so.

  5. Another question to get fans talking and to see what they think: in “A Sacrificial Escape,” when Matthew told Emily that he did not want to be part of the Jones and Parker Detective Agency any more, do you think that there was more to what Matthew told Emily than we think? Do you think that it is possible that Morrie might have had something to do with it, maybe to bring disunity between friends? Do you think that it is possible that Morrie lied to Matthew to try to trick him into leaving the agency? I am not sure that I agree with any of the above specific theories, but I do wonder if there was more to Matthew leaving than we think! Maybe Morrie did have something to do with it, but he did it in secret, and there is a lot more to it than we think! For example, maybe Morrie told Matthew secretly ahead of time that the escape room was going to happen, and that he was doing it to expose an evil and secret plot that was going on? As a result, Emily and Whit were the only ones who thought that it was a kidnapping, but Matthew knew the real reason!

    1. Great theory! Also, Matthew mentioned that Emily should partner up with Suzu, maybe Morrie is blackmailing him?

    2. My mom thought the same thing. But I don’t think Matthew would do it. I do think Enioy doesn’t like Suzu because Matthew likes Suzu. But in reality Emily likes Matthew. Does that make sense?

    1. I CAN. NOT. WAIT!! We are having family over during that time, so hopefully I can sneak away for a while to listen!! I don’t think I’ll be able to wait any longer!!

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