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  1. Arista: [to Lee] “What if you end not liking it one bit, and you’ll be like, “This is a horrible episode.”
    Lee: “That’ll be sad and I’ll be able to rant about it.”

    Oh yes you will Lee. Yes you will. Because Arista can apparently predict the future somehow.

  2. What if Matthew Parker is working for Morrie? After listening to this review and the episode, some of Matthew’s remarks make me wonder. He quits Jones & Parker. He wants Emily to team up with Suzu. Just a thought! Matthew seems like he might give in to Morrie and help him under harsh circumstances. We’ll see!!

  3. So, I was looking at the episode summaries for The Rydell Revelations, and noticed that part three had a strange one:
    “Secrets about the past and present are finally revealed as Whit, Emily, and Morrie get to the bottom of all the puzzling happenings in the town Odyssey.”
    Wait, why would Morrie be investigating? Does that mean he isn’t guilty? Or is someone else behind everything that happened? How is that possible?
    But the part two summary seems to contradict this:
    “Whit reveals additional clues to Morrie’s misdeeds around town of Odyssey – the untold story that motivated them.”
    So Morrie IS guilty? This summary says that he IS guilty of everything that happened. So what’s up with the part three summary? Why is he helping them investigate? Here’s my theory: Maybe in these episodes, they discover that Morrie was part of everything that happens and he confesses/regrets what he did. Then, Morrie says that someone else besides him has done all these things/helped him do them and he helps Whit and Emily find this person.

    1. I was confused as well when I read both descriptions, but after I thought about it I came to the same conclusion as your theory. On another note, I am more exited for Part 2 and 3 than Part 1. In my eyes here is how the three parter will evolve:
      Part 1: Is the investigation part, maybe some revealing at the end of the episode.
      Part 2: This will reveal Morrie’s motives and other things.
      Part 3: Reveals that there were more people behind it, Whit, Emily, and Morrie track them down. It also includes the final wrap up for this part of the saga.

      1. Good theories. I don’t think Morrie is behind all of it because it seemed to fall into place way to easy for the writers. Maybe Suzu is behind all of it.

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