Voting in the 2020 Avery Awards

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  1. I was concerned for a second when you considered choosing the Jason/Jillian duo over Emily/Matthew. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the episode, but Jason literally told Jillian to be quiet at one point 👀
    Whaddya know, I had very, very similar votes for the Avery Awards, but I think I overall like album 68 more. 😀 Loved hearing your thoughts!

  2. Man, once you hit Further From the Truth, that got a bit more detailed. And yet you chose not to expound on how much you love A Sacrificial Escape… Just saying.

    1. True yeah, I probably should have talked a little more about “A Sacrificial Escape.” I guess I thought my praise for it was implied from my voting it Best Overall.

      1. I can see that. However, to expound upon that, (😂), you said, to almost quote, quote, “…and I won’t repeat that here, as I have done so a lot in many posts and recordings.” Yet, you have, for Further From the Truth, said that (or at least made several comments in recordings/comments on your posts that you are not a fan of Further From the Truth at all.

        1. Well, that’s not fair. I am okay with parts of FFTT, and the part where I expounded upon it was for the feedback section of the Averys, which I submitted to Focus. The part where I said “I won’t repeat that here” was not a text entry portion.

          1. Think I shouldn’t have added “at all,” simply because that tips it more in that you absolutely HATE IT, which I don’t think you do.

  3. The No.1 for example is the question, which would mean that No.1 is Best Actress. Then comes a colon and the number after that is the answer, so for No.1: 3 is Best Actress: Jillian Marshall.

    Here is a revised chart:

    Best Actress: Jillian Marshall
    Best Investigative Duo: Jason and Jillian
    Best Actor: Keith Furguson
    Best Sound Design: Nightmares by Constance
    Best Scene: Jason and Jillian in Nightmares by Constance
    Best Script: Nightmares by Constance
    Bogus News by A-Jax: The slime monster
    Best Episode: Nightmares by Constance

  4. Yeah, I did. Even though it isn’t in my top episodes I think it is one of the best in the albums, although maybe I would have changed my vote for best episode too “A Sacrificial Escape”.

  5. I Love Nightmares by Constance but I think I like a Sacrificial Escape the most. idk… if i had to pick my favorite episode(s) from 2020 definitely The Rydell Revelations Pts. 1&2 but ya know….

  6. Ok, so I have an interesting question: I know that all of the “Rydell Revelations” episodes are out now and, as a result, more fans will now be able to know the truth. You might have already heard part 3 by now, but I still have an interesting question. If you had not heard either “Revelations” parts 2 or 3, what would you have thought of the idea that Morrie was behind “the key suspect,” and that he was somehow using it to expose Mrs. Mado? What if he secretly told Dion about his suspissions about Mrs. Mado, and he blackmailed Dion to keep quiet about it? What if the opened lockers was all a huge cover for Morrie’s actions, so that the entire school would be busy talking about the lockers and would not pay attention to if Morrie and Dion were having a mysterious conversation about Mrs. Mado? Yes, to be clear, I actually know enough about “Revelations” 2 to know the truth, which is that that is not the case, but I am still wondering if any of you would have thought that the Mrs. Mado theory would have worked. Do you think that there would have been holes in it? Like I said, I am not asking this because I don’t know the truth, but more just for fun and to see if you would have thought that this theory would work!

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