Rydell, Part 9: “The Maple Leaf” — Group Reaction and Review

Izak (The AIOWiki Podcast)
Ryan Matlock (The Odyssey ScoopCast)
Jo (Welcome to Odyssey!)
Timmy Baze (AIOWiki)
Carl Reed (Odyssey News)
Wyatt Jackson (Adventures Into Odyssey)
Grace and Heaven (The Raspberry Ripple Podcast)
“JaySmouse” (AIOpinions)
Riley Davison (The AIO Insider)
Lil (The ToO)

SPOILER WARNING: Full spoiler warning for “The Rydell Revelations, Part 3.” Spoilers are also permitted (and encouraged!) in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Rydell, Part 9: “The Maple Leaf” — Group Reaction and Review

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  1. ok, sorry but i don’t agree. Mr. Whitaker is one of the best programmers ever. Speaking as a Programmer myself, programming Applesauce, The Imagination Station, The Inspiration Station, The Room of Consequence, ect. He would have to be Top Notch.

  2. Also How Old is Whit? He’s like ancient! I mean I understand that they want to keep him cuz he is like the backbone of Odyssey, but Tom Died because he was so old, but seriously… (I do not want him to die! i’m just a logical thinker.)
    Also Mark Prescott wasn’t exactly a bad guy. I mean he wasn’t great but he wasn’t the main protagonist. And near the end he turned out to be a good guy.

  3. theperilouspen13 you forgot it was Lucy was kidnaped in the Blackgaard Chronicles not Aubrey she was just in the imaginations station with the the Blackgaard virus.

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