[extra] What if Morrie Was Right?

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    1. Morrie is NOT good… Seriously, just think about everything he did. He wanted to do bad things, and succeeded. We, nor anyone else are the bad guys. I think these might have been words to cover up plot holes, or something…

    2. These words are going against all that Odyssey stood for. This is sounding like one of the Jason fails. So, you’re saying Jack was wrong for telling Jason that the imagination station program for the disabled people was a bad idea? Oh, no, as long as it brought out the good in people. It doesn’t matter that these kids suffered emotional injury, or that it would probably last a long time after that, now does it? Seriously, this is wrong as much as that was, and if they are going to paint it like Emily was the one doing wrong and not Whit or Morrie, I am going to be SOOOOOO mad.

    3. what about Emily’s mom or dad did whit ask them before he let Emily in to the escape room? Was it really whits place to do that

  1. Thoughts:
    Wow. I can’t comprehend the complexity of this. But I don’t think you should beat yourself up Lee on judging Morrie. One, the show doesn’t give us all the angles; it just gave us the angle of “Morrie is the bad supervillain, and you should take everything he does or says as a clue to his endgame.” And secondly… I think you need to stop thinking about Morrie for a while. It’s making you think he’s actually a real person, rather than a fictional character on an audio drama.
    Actually, I don’t think Olivia or Emily are the bad guys. They, yes, jumped to conclusions, but so would any of us in the situation. It doesn’t excuse it, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad. And Morrie still did commit a felony. Emily had consent if she wanted to go into the IS. She did have consent on going into the Escape Room, but didn’t have consent when the Mysterious Voice locked them in there. She didn’t choose to go through with it. She would, on the other hand, choose to go into the IS, having experienced it beforehand. Now, if some newcomer comes to Whit’s End, and Whit takes them up to the IS, they weren’t aware of what the IS would take them through (of course, it would be smart to put them in a less graphic adventure, but let’s not forget the Imagination Station two parter).
    By the way, I’d like to briefly touch on the fact that you said, “…turned a disappointing three parter…”. I liked the episode. I have written reviews for my podcast, the Odyheyr Podcast (shameless plug, shameless plug 🤣), I gave Part 1 & 3 five stars, and Part 2 four and a half stars. I liked them, and am excited for whatever is going to come out of this nine-part beginning, I believe.
    But other than that, I am most impressed with the philosophical aspect of the Rydell Saga (can I plug my idea for the name, “Rydell Enigma”?). I just relistened to the interview with Phil Lollar, and listening to your retelling almost makes me go, “That’s Phil, should be professor (unless he is).” But this will give me a lot of chew on…
    I apologize for the long comment. I think I’ll space out the paragraphs for perhaps an easier read. But those are my thoughts. If you want to reply to this, Lee, then please do so.

  2. I love stuff like this. I feel ya man, this is definitely a lot to digest and you’ve given me something to think about for the next couple of days haha! I’m going to try to process this a bit more, or potentially wait to here the review with Phil Lollar, before getting back to you with some thoughts about it but I definitely will when I feel like have something more concrete or actually worth saying! Love the content!

  3. That really bothers me. This is important to remember: The end doesn’t justify the means! I don’t think it’s wrong to judge Morrie for what he did (lying, etc). The Bible is very harsh with the sin of lying. There are very specific examples where I believe God does allow it and gives grace (the Egyptian midwives, Rahab, Corrie Ten Boom, to name a few). What Morrie is doing, good intentions or not, is wrong. Also, what does this new information mean in regard to the end of The Writer’s Ruse?

  4. I think it was wrong of us to judge Morrie so quickly. But, they were definitely trying to deceive us into thinking he was bad. I mean the cover art of album 69??? The end of the writers ruse?? all morrie and suzu’s exchanges at the end a few of the episodes?? I feel like I need those things explained to understand how Morrie is innocent. That’s what bothered me about the Revelations. I didn’t get all of those questions answered.

    1. I agree. That was my main disappointment. It didn’t feel resolved enough. This whole time we were led to believe that there was something massive about to happen, granted it’s kind of our fault for assuming too quickly, but I feel like a bit more explanation is needed to just accept that Morrie really isn’t evil.

  5. wow. this podcast… idk…. moved me? (I’m really into the rydell saga.) Morrie is like my favorite aio character. I understand why people were so quick to judge him, and i did post stuff about suspicions but i never believed it was him.

  6. Hey, I’d really like to talk more about this saga/ every thing in this podcast. I’m new at this blog (thing 🤣) so idk how to send private messages but I’d like to talk more.

  7. He is twisting the words to try and make Morrie look like a good guy. Morrie did bad, and he basically spoiled the saga even more by trying to say he is good. Emily has every right to be mad, she thought she was going to die! Besides, Whit just let her go through all this suffering while all the time knowing it was a game. Bad choice man. You were basically using children, like, Emily is probably… What, 13? Way too young for this. Morrie was being bad too, no question. The words were used to try and say something that the words should not say. I believe Morrie was bad, he had every intent of doing so, and the thing about him bringing out the good in people was I think the most ridiculous thing I have heard about this so far.

  8. Morrie deserves punishment for the bad things he did. Emily and Olivia are most definitely not evil, and Morrie just did wrong. Hey, Emily, I would be angry as well if someone locked me into a room without my permission and then acted like there was 30 minutes of oxygen left. Morrie has no excuse for how he carried out his deeds, no matter what the intent was. He had a limited amount of evil he could do, since he was a child, but for being so young this was incredibly above the line. He was not doing good, though you may choose to look at it this way. Words are powerful, and during this interview they were, I believe, twisted to sound like something else.
    I have just been dying to share my opinion about the Rydell Revelations, and my opinion is not high. It was full of plot holes, and had a weak climax for all of the hoping I was doing. I speak as a fan of Adventures in Odyssey, and have shortened my opinions to some of my main problems with the short, yet flawed, series.

    1. I understand everything you said, and you are right. I don’t like it but it’s true. But can you imagine a parent listening to that with a three year old and a second grader? The parents could get really mad, and could potentially sue focus on the family because it wasn’t a “Family Friendly” topic. And as that is what AIO is know for… that probably wouldn’t be good. idk. that is just my opinion on why Morrie & Suzu didn’t get in as much trouble as they should have and why they turned out to be the “good guys”.

    2. And I know you could just shoot my argument down by saying aio has done much worse stuff than letting two 12/13 year old kids get punished for stealing and trying to ruin the relationship between china and canada, but most of those episodes do have warnings.. idk i just think they are trying to make it less complicated and more fun for the younger audience.

      1. They weren’t trying to ruin the relationship between China and Canada. Morrie just wanted the summit to have some humor sprinkled in. Their intent was not to cause WW3.

          1. To then create a distraction whilst Suzu stole the Maple Leaf (and, as a side note, I think we can assume she will return the gifts a little bit down the road, or she at least is regretful about stealing).

          2. exactly, but if she had not come to odyssey she would not have received the influence that caused/ in the future will cause her to return it/ feel sorry for taking it.

          3. I feel like you’re missing my point. I was just saying that she would most likely return them, (Suzu, Rydell Revelations, Part 3: “I understand that now.”) whether she’d feel guilty, or she would be found out, regardless of influence from Odyssey.

  9. I was disappointed that Morrie’s ‘games’ were not a significant part of the saga’s conclusion. And maybe that was because of what you said, that Morrie was right for what he did.
    I don’t agree that Olivia, Emily, and the fans are wrong. It was strongly suggested in the episodes that Morrie had bad intentions. That was how the writers intended it; for us to believe he was a villain. There was no way the characters or us could have known whether Morrie did everything for good or evil. One minute, he’s sounding like a villain in The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse. The next, he seems to have a good answer (and as it turns out, the correct one) in The Good In People. And suddenly, he’s trapped Emily and Matthew in an escape room with a supposed lack of air in A Sacrificial Escape. My point being this: Morrie may be right, but he did some wrong to accomplish the right. I don’t think you, or anyone else, should feel bad about judging Morrie because we couldn’t have known for sure whether he was good or bad.
    I’m willing to discuss this further if you want to message me on the SS or Email.

  10. MIND BLOWN!!!
    Whoah, seeing Morrie as completely innocent and us as the bad guys, with Emily, and Olivia!!
    I can’t believe it! Morrie can seem manipulative, but he is a good person at heart it seems?! What he did with the escape room, without Emily and Matthew’s consent, with Whit knowing, it seems so interesting…… So different from what we are used to in AIO.
    I still am so curious to see how things play out with Morrie and Suzu at Whit’s house and how things go down with Emily.
    I mean,there is so much that could happen from here. Seeing Morrie as the good guy, just totally put all of our expectations upside-down! It truly does give so much for you think about, and just wow….
    I am kind of speechless too, to be honest..
    Morrie has been good this whole time? And we have been wrong??? Wow…. Kind of crazy to wrap my mind around 🙂
    your fellow aio fan,

  11. Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” is the next episode in the Rydell Saga and was recorded last week. It will appear in Album 70 and includes Emily, Suzu, Morrie, and some unexpected people.

  12. I took a break from posting here because I was having issues with my everlasting quick temper (: but I may try once more since you asked for it Lee…

    This is tough. I’ve thought about this for a long time now and I keep coming back to one thing. I am 16 years old. Idk how old they are wanting Morrie to be, but for this post I’m going to presume him about that age. If I as an under-aged human being walked into our local coffee shop, tampered with their technology and held people hostage and made them think they were going to die… I would be in some pretty hot water. It doesn’t matter what my intentions were or what happened because of it, it would be wrong. If I used a fake mystery book to lead them on a fake mystery, perhaps that would be fine. If I hired an actor to make them think they were getting money when they weren’t… that’s where the line might blur. This is tough like I said, but I think what I’m coming out to is basically the level of intensity. Friends should sharpen friends as iron sharpens iron but there is a place to draw the line. Perhaps we were too quick to judge Morrie. Maybe we just really wanted a villain. But when it comes down to it, Morrie held people hostage. And that is where the line has been crossed in my mind. This is only my opinion and I could be wrong, but it worries me that AIO is telling under-aged people that it’s okay to do this. They are telling a 16 year old me that I can hold people hostage so long as they don’t get hurt. I am sorry, but no.

    1. Hi, Serena! How’ve you been? Are we okay from before?
      This was a great perspective, examining the practical side of Morrie’s actions. Phil seems to be treading very lightly over the line, but even if he denies he crossed it, he did. Somehow.

  13. Heyo! I’ve been pretty good. How have you been? And yes, it’s all good, I was just being an idiot.

    Exactly. It’s tough to put a finger exactly at the place he crossed it, but he definitely did. Morrie did mess with my mind a bit when he was talking in part two to Whit about how he was testing them in the same way Whit does with his inventions. It almost made Whit feel like a bad guy for a second. There have been a lot of things that have gone through my mind in argument to this thought since, including the one you mentioned about the age and experience difference between the two. But there is one thing that I keep coming back to and it’s the one thing I can put my finger squarely on. Morrie. Held. People. Hostage. He did.

  14. I agree with Serena. Having good intentions and wanting to prove people’s values doesn’t make you a good person. You still went about it in an extremely negative way. Like Whit said in A Sacrificial Escape, what Morrie did was foolish and not law-abiding, if that makes sense. If I ran around right now (I’m 14), breaking the law and convincing someone they were going to die, and my explanation was, “It was all games” and “I wanted to test the morals of everyone around me,” I would get disciplined, not run off free. Whit’s answer was disappointing, not because of his moral, but because of his response to Morrie’s. Everyone went away all hunky-dory except Emily. And that’s another thing. Emily had EVERY RIGHT to be mad. Her emotions were manipulated, which is not the same as the imagination station. In the station, you are driven towards the right answer, but you still have to make up your mind and have the correct information. In the escape room, Emily was forced to think she was going to die. Suzu said “can we be friends”, and yeah, Emily was cold, but after all, she went to, doesn’t she have a right to be? Just one more thing. The fans were wrong? Come on! Personally, I think all the unknowing fans, were not prejudice, we were SET UP. Yeah, Morrie was okay in the first like, two episodes, but he was so suspicious after that. I knew it was him in A Sacrifial Escape, okay. You can’t blame anyone for not knowing enough and guessing on what we already knew. I’m sorry this was a rant, and that’s all I have to say. Huff.

      1. Connie. I don’t know about the law but you break something here.
        that what I think

        Micah Hebert

  15. I mean, I think what Morrie did was bad (and maybe it’s just me but I think it’s a bit weird how it was sort of brushed off). Bad doesn’t bring out the good in people, it’s what in that person that comes out, whether good or bad. Good can bring out good in people (not always) because people’s acts of good could possibly inspire them to do the right thing. But what ever happens good or bad, some people make good decisions or make bad ones in a good or bad situation.

  16. I still believe Morrie’s wrong even with his weird change of heart in Value In the Process. I don’t really understand what they’re doing with Morrie. I really hope that he gets brought to justice eventually. But what happens if he admits he’s wrong? That would make Whit wrong too (which he is). I really want to know how Emily’s parents would react. Mine would be so upset with Whit if it was me in Emily’s shoes and would most likely bring the law down on Morrie. I hadn’t heard this podcast episode until now because I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the Rydell’s until this past year. I re-listened to the whole arc this past year. It makes my stomach hurt to think we’re supposed to be the bad guys for judging Morrie. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t hear anyone say “is that good?” without feeling like I just got punched in the stomach. All I can hear is Morrie when people ask that no matter the context. Morrie really messed with me. Anyway, it’s been a while since this article got a comment but I know that the discussions are still going strong. This is probably the most talked about and controversial arc in AIO history. It’s been 3-5 years and there’s still a whole lot of talk about it (it does help that it’s still going on). I really wish the arc was over. It’s lasted 3 years too long in my opinion.

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