REVIEW — “A Christmas Conundrum” (ft. Roy from ATC)

Roy from Audio Theatre Central goes rogue and leaves JD and Andrew to join me on Audio News for an episode review! In the spirit of the season, we’re reviewing “A Christmas Conundrum.” We discuss classic Odyssey chemistry, situational comedy, John Campbell’s festive score, and the meta-moral of the plot … interspersed with a fair bit of chuckling.

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  1. Great review, guys! It’s interesting to hear Roy next to your voice, Michael. I also can’t wait for the Group Discussion; it’s gonna be great, hopefully.
    Got a question, though. I’m just wondering, was that me you’re referring to when you said, “I’ve only met one person who agrees with Phil…”?

      1. Woah, woah! You judge me too quickly, Michael!
        Is Morrie Right?
        The simple answer: No.
        The complicated answer: Yes for his reasons, no for his actions. However, his reasons might not be the way it’s been presented in the Good in People, so for now, I say that Morrie, is wrong. Plus, Phil’s got a few holes in his arguments, many the fact that he’s AVOIDING THE QUESTION!
        Sorry, I just needed to yell that. 😆

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