REVIEW — “A New Era, Parts 1 to 3” (ft. Wyatt Jackson)

Back in August, Wyatt Jackson finished covering the Leonard Meltsner Saga with his co-host on his podcast Adventures Into Odyssey, but without covering “A New Era, Parts 1 to 3.” The three-parter was crying out to be discussed, so I asked Wyatt to come on to talk about it. In this review, we discuss Leonard’s character development, God’s calling, and more.

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  1. Don’t worry Lee- er, Michael. I listened to Episode 30 when it came out and I was taken aback when you actually revealed that your name was Michael and Arista’s was Allison. “Woah! Did he, did he actually reveal it? Good grief!” was probably what I thought.

    1. I would love to hear a review/discussion about AIO with your dad! His perspective as an adult/parent would be very interesting to hear

  2. Amazing post!! Your review was so detailed and we love that you took the time to address parts of the storyline that can often be overlooked. Keep up the great work!! 😃😁☺️

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