REVIEW — “The Ties That Bind, Part 6” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

Buckle up. We’ve reached the Train Room scene in the review series of The Ties That Bind, and the thesis of the album has been laid bare. Ryan and I are here to go to the mat on picking apart every piece of this episode and album, and we hold nothing back in our candid but tasteful discussion of the issues at hand. Be forewarned that no stone is left unturned, and some listeners may be put off by my viewpoints. It’s a long but important discussion as we unpack just why The Ties That Bind is one of the most controversial series in Adventures in Odyssey.

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  1. I love these episodes please keep doing them! Hearing y’all discuss and debate is so interesting and it gave me some things to think about too.

    also still waiting for that review on for whom the wedding bells toll

  2. If you fly low enough it will go under radar.

    Also all goid conversations happen at the kitchen. It that a reference to Aubrey Shepard talking to her dad in the kitchen?

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