NEWS — July Club Recording Session

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  1. Jonathan Crowe’s first episode of sound design is episode 394 released in 1998 before that he acted in 211 released in 1992

  2. This post made my day, thanks, Michael!
    (By the way, I’m a he, not a she. ASmouseInTheHouse is the she. 😉 )

    I completely agree with you about the Club episodes. 100 Adventures in Odyssey episodes are unavailable to the Odyssey fans who are not in the Club. This shouldn’t continue. They need to be released in albums.
    It would be for the better anyway, since nothing important can happen the Club episodes, and none of the stories in the Club ever impact the characters in a big way (“Take Every Thought Captive”, I’m looking at you) all because the non-Club members will miss out.

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