REACTION — “The Team” (with 14 Hosts)

Group 1
    Ryan Matlock (The Odyssey ScoopCast)
    Allie Barrett (The AIOWiki Podcast)
    Hannah Matlock (AIO Audio News)
    Rayah Smith (AIO Audio News)
    Unique de Krijger (A Friend from Woodgrove)
Group 2
    John Tuttle III (Adventures in Opinions)
    Gabriel Coats (The ODYHEYR Podcast)
    Jay (Adventures in Opinions)
    Riley Davison (The AIO Insider)
Group 3
    Timmy Baze (The Odyssey ScoopCast)
    Elissa & Hannah (AIO Revelations)
    Sarah (AIO Revelations)

18 thoughts on “REACTION — “The Team” (with 14 Hosts)

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  1. It was a pleasure to once again be on AIO Audio News.
    Now, where’s my fee for graciously lending my voice to be on your podcast, LaFaver? At your request, might I add.

      1. I already did, actually… But hey, it was a conversation that I took part in, so I decided to add my two-sense one last time. Except, it probably won’t be one last time. You know how all of those movies work.
        One Last Time 3:
        “We’re done with this! It’s over! The End.”
        Five years later, One Last Time 4:
        “Okay, we thought we’d wrap some stuff up from the last movie.”
        Am I a movie? No. I think I’m more of a podcast. 🤣

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