REVIEW — “The Decision” (ft. Ryan Matlock)

It’s been exactly 600 days since the first review in the post-Blackgaard saga on AIO Audio News. Now, at long last, Ryan Matlock is here with me to review the final episode in the arc, “The Decision.” And just like the very first one… I’m sick again.

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  1. I’ve loved your reviews of these episodes even if they have been scattered, and I appreciate the abundance of content in September and October. It would be great to hear you review the Leonard Melstner arc, though it would be hard considering recent news, but also timely in that regard. The Straussberg Divorce Arc hasn’t been covered in depth (excluding The Unofficial Podcast) so that is also a great option.

    Side Question: Will you potentially release the remaining AIOWiki podcast archives because I for one would love to hear them. And also, reviewing some Christmas episodes would be cool.

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