NEWS — “The Lost One, Parts 1 and 2” to Be Released in Two Weeks

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  1. Also, I’m surprised at this announcement but very pleased with the decision. It makes a lot of sense and the waiting time between the beginning of the storyline and the conclusion was a concern brought up by the Adventure Through Odyssey Podcast, so I’m happy that the team decided it was best to release the episode as soon as possible. I do wonder if the three-parter with Buck and Jules by Kathy Buchanan comes immediately after these episodes or if “Judge Me Tender” is between them.

  2. With the announcement that this episode is (thankfully) a two-parter, I wonder which episode Mr. Whittaker’s “own agenda” is featured in because it doesn’t seem like it fits in any of the ones currently confirmed.

  3. I believe that since that part in in quotes in the summary, it is a quote from The Lost One where Olivia’s imaginary friend is trying to lead her astray with doubts.

  4. Hello there!

    Congrats to Ryan and his new baby.

    I’m so thrilled to hear this! Ever since I heard “Higher Than Our Ways” I’ve been on edge to know how Olivia’s story will turn out. And I’m an adult lol. So I can only imagine how little kids must feel when they listened to these episodes.

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