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  1. You know I will listen and debate why AIO is better. But DGL is a close 2nd or 3rd. Between Discovery Mountain or DGL. Discovery Mountain is producing faster and should eclipse DGL in episode volume but they have some growing pains. (Too many ads, not on any stations in my location, lots of 4th wall references. Up until recently they dedicated 2 episodes in the middle of the plot to read a Bible story and link it to the story, which made listeners have to wait an extra week to find out what would happen. Also at the rat they go Discovery Mountain will not look like the original 10yrs from now because everyone ages so quickly hence they have to keep introducing new kids because they are running out of kid characters. Jamey, Judah the original gang from three yrs ago. Because of all the new kids in town and the original middle/high schools being pushed out you loose character development, and new plot lines that would only make sense in a middle/high school setting. Also because every episode is a 6 or 10 parter, you cant just pick an episode and start listening meaning you will not get great stand alone episodes like “Snow Day” or “Faster Than a Speeding Ticket” with great one-liners like “Are we warriors are are we wimps.” “And you going down in history.” However Discovery Mountain has an interesting character set, and faun plot lines.

    I would also like to see some of my favorites like Kids Corner, Gilead, and Red Rock come back. There was a time before I was into audiodrama that there were many ‘competitors’ in the Audio drama sphere that died. Like The Pond Jungle Jam etc.

    These audio dramas may not be as ‘good’ (I know you hate that word) as AIO and DGL but they do things AIO cant like talking animals Kids Corner, The Pond, Jungle Jam etc. and present great lessons. I have heard all the red rock episodes at least 6 times the Pond at least 4 times (we listen to a lot of Keys For Kids) and Kids Corner 1.5 times. Now all we have is AIO, Discovery Mountain, and Starkeepers (Elevation Church) podcast.

    But Album 73 sounds great very nice.

    Oh and I also did a report on on the War Hero for Spring Break extra credit.

    1. I forgot to add that Lamplighter Theater is one of the other dramas. However, because it primarily focus on books, character development will take ages. (I think)

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